To get started in Devinity 2, read the simple Instructions by pressing F1 and using one of the major senses, SIGHT and SEEING.

Important HotspotsEdit

This section will tell what those little icons are you see. If you haven't scrolled your cursor over them than this will explain what these are and what they do.

Asteroid Belt: The 3-Point star thing. These will be your 2nd most visited hotspot throughout the game, and they all offer different ores. Uses: Ore Mining

Gas Cloud: The bold triangle thing. Gas clouds hold pirates that will try to kill you, but killing them will drop some loot and high tech ore. Uses: Killing things, High-Tech ore. (DISCLAIMER: NPCs are disabled for now, so gas clouds are 


The Maw spaceship (Front) and a Space Station (Back)

inevitablely useless.)

Planets and Black Holes: Planets are the circles, Black Holes are the cubes. They both don't have uses yet. Uses: Looking Cool?

Space Station : The 4 corners of a square icon. These are number 1 on the most important hotspot list. You can buy, sell, and craft items as well as buy space ships. Uses: Crafting, Buying/Selling, Banking.

Making GCSEdit

GCS is the currency in this gamemode, and you'll need it to purchase tools, weapons, and ships. You can do this by selling your ore and crafted items. Ore can give you a fair amount of GCS quickly. But rare items crafted with good ore can sell for even higher prices.